Elihu Ashong | POUR LUI ET ELLE

Elihu Ashong: A Modern, Non-Conformist Photographer

Hi, I’m Elihu Ashong, and I consider myself a fighter against the powers that exist. The part of me that meets the eye is the free-spirited, non-conforming minimalist, but I am also considerably limitless. I’m a photographer, lover of all music, art in all forms, nature, farming and music… again! Let’s put it as I would rather be dead than live without music. Literally.

La Société Toronto

When In Toronto | La Société ‘The 1920s-Inspired French Bistro’

Located at the Bloor and Avenue/Queenspark intersection in the Yorkville area of the city of Toronto, La Société is another restaurant for the books. Opened in the summer summer of 2011 and fully operational under the reins of INK Entertainment, it is a French Bistro that features an eccentric menu, considering. Given its Parisian inspiration/vibe,…