I made a list of goals to achieve from the beginning of the year. One of the most important was to have a healthy looking skin. Then I thought about what the easy way to go about this was. I listed out my skin issues first, then went ahead to match them with solutions. One of the issues I figured I have with my skin is it’s very obvious unevenness. Dark circles, dark spots here and there. I began to search for products that were specifically made for that purpose and more then I came across this black peel-off mask by DR. RASHEL

Dr Rashel Black Peel-Off Mask | POUR LUI ET ELLE

I picked this specially because of its brightening specification which I believe and hope will be a solution to my skin’s uneven tone. Another reason I chose a peel-off mask to start with is the smooth texture the skin is left with after taking it off. It always feels great!. After all surface dirt has been removed, black, white heads have been uprooted. It’s a relief.

Do you ever wonder what an easy way to apply and then take off a peel-off mask was? Well, I have an answer. Keep reading. Below, I outlined step-by-step procedures on how I ‘easily’ apply and take off my peel-off mask.

    • A brush – to spread product all over your face. Basically, you could use anything to apply a mask; a spoon, a spatula, your fingers, anything that works for you.
    • When selecting a peel-off mask (or any beauty product), go for one that matches your skin condition and would work best for you.
    • Peel-off masks are similar to glue so treat them the way you would treat glue. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, mouth or any opening.
    • Product has to be applied or spread ‘evenly’ and consistently across your face for easy removal.
    • It is advisable to apply product on a clean skin, preferably dried with warm water to open up pores and allow the product go in and do its work!
    • Peel-off masks will serve you better if you are patient enough to wait for it to dry completely to aid easy removal. It really doesn’t do the job of pulling out deep rooted dirts if it’s been washed off rather than peeled off. Hence the name!
  1. Squeeze out product onto the bristles of a brush.
  2. Start applying from under your eyes up to about an inch right before your ears. Make sure none of it is actually getting into your eyes.

My Skincare Routine | POUR LUI ET ELLE

3. Go on and spread across your face orderly, from your cheeks to your nose and below, your chin and finally your forehead. Make sure product is consistent throughout and the application forms a round shape at the edges of your face.

My Skincare Routine | POUR LUI ET ELLE

4. Now, wait for about 15-20 minutes or more for the product to dry COMPLETELY.


Just like the way we can’t peel off normal glue arbitrarily, peel-off masks have to be taken off carefully.

  1. The first thing is to roll down the edges (exactly the reason for forming a round shape during the application process).
  2. Start lifting mask from an edge carefully and slowly. It may hurt a little but that’s fine.      Lift from all edges until everything has finally come off.

My Skincare Routine | POUR LUI ET ELLE

3. Voila! We are done. Simple isn’t it?

Although, I have outlined the steps above, I would suggest watching my full video demo of the whole process on my IGTV channel. Click here to watch the video.

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading.

Post by: Enny A.

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