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Hello, I'm Fawad. If you're wondering about my quite unique name, you're not the only one. It is pronounced just exactly the way it is spelled – /fawad/. Some of you might recognize me – I was part of the #RevealOttawa campaign last year – but I'm a 2nd year finance student full of energy and enjoying the struggles of student life. Growing up as a kid I have lived in 3 different continents, 5 different countries, and I speak 4 different languages.

I consider myself exceptionally lucky, because travelling at a young age really opens up your eyes to the world, and seeing the bigger picture becomes a skill. I find that even though the food, fashion, and lifestyle have been different in each country, there is this sense of humanness and liveliness shared amongst each country and each culture.

For example, we Canadians take pride in our notorious poutine; so much so that we established the annual Ottawa PoutineFest in 2015, where you can try over 100 different choices of poutine. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, the Dutch have a rich history of a flourishing cheese trade, and have become popular tourist attractions. Although Canadians and the Dutch are taking pride in different things, whether it is poutine, cheese, or their lifestyle as a whole, the sense of pride and the emotions we get from it are identical. We share the same sense of humanness, with the difference only being in the way we express ourselves.




Travelling the world allows you to submerge yourself into different cultures and to look at the world through different lenses.


The more you travel, the more lenses you can look through, thus widening your perspective. This is why travelling is worth the costs associated to it - you learn valuable lessons that can only be taught through experience. It is also one of the reasons I try to continue to learn new languages, and to learn about different cultures. Being in a highly multicultural country like Canada, I encourage everyone to take advantage and build upon your cultural intelligence.

Fawad Hedjran | POUR LUI ET ELLE
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Having talked a little bit about myself and my experiences, I would like to take a moment to say that I am particularly excited and happy to be able to share my thoughts and experiences through this medium. I am delighted by the warm welcome I received by the team at Pour Lui et Elle. I can’t wait for the experiences to come and to share them with you.

To finish off, I would like to leave you with a quote:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” - Nelson Mandela

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