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For Reveal Ottawa, we sat with fashion enthusiast & blogger, Ornella Kondo, as she added her own personal touches to these pieces by Tufafi Fashion, and gave us a glimpse into her creativity.
Reveal Ottawa Brief introduction – tell us a little about yourself, who is Ornella?

My name is Ornella Kondo, and I’m a fashion stylist & blogger based in Ottawa.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is definitely chic and classy; I absolutely love dressing up, “and mixing various textures and fabrics to create a look.”

Reveal Ottawa
What inspired your choice of outfits? And how do these looks communicate your personal style?

The bold prints and the vibrant colours first attracted me when I had to pick which looks I would shoot in, and the looks definitely communicate my personal style because I love experimenting with prints and colours. Even if you take a look at my social media for example, you will notice that I try to stay away from black or white most of the time, and I want to stand out in my own unique way – and I’m really glad that I can express that through clothes.

Reveal Ottawa
What do you think of this designer’s collection?

The designer’s collection is just beautiful, honestly. I love the fact that it is modern but still represents African prints, and anyone can wear it – the pieces are very versatile.

Reveal Ottawa

Ornella is a fashion stylist & blogger with lots of great fashion tips that you can certainly benefit from. Find her on Instagram @ornellakondo.

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