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We previously announced in this post, Reveal, that our annual campaign has officially kicked off! This year, Reveal takes Ottawa, and day 1 sees Fawad Hedjran, an avid Finance sophomore at the University of Ottawa, looking classy in an overcoat by Mario Uomo! Fawad spends the time with us to share a little about himself.

Tell us about yourself – who is Fawad? 

Hey, I’m Fawad, a 19-year old that loves fashion. When I think about who I am, I just think of a typical student going to university and just chasing the dream. But if I have to get into specifics, I’m an avid Finance student at the University of Ottawa – I love businesses and the way they work, the fact that I can create my own business and add unique touches to it.

Reveal Ottawa | POUR LUI ET ELLEOn his personal style

I find this interesting because coincidentally, my personal style has only evolved lately. Now, I find myself reaching for more formal items, so me working with Mario gave me the liberty to experiment as much as I want and further develop my own personal look. In a sense, this helped me develop my personal style further, while still contributing my existing style, I guess.

On what inspired his choice of outfit, and how they communicate his personal style

I ended up going for two looks from Mario’s collection, specifically, an overcoat and a blazer. The biggest part of this project was to let your personality shine through the items of choice, give them your own personal touch and style with those looks, and so that’s what I did. For example, the overcoat. I chose this item because it is such a staple piece – everyone has, and wears, one. Though the structure is generally the same, you can choose different textures, colours, and anything else you want to do with it.

“I feel like it is almost an armoUr, a shield, for example, and you can add your own touch to it.”

It can be layered with different pieces – wearing it with a full suit, or with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some Chelsea boots. It is very versatile, and so I felt that it would be an essential foundation for me to express my own personality and style, which you can see through the photos.

Reveal Ottawa | POUR LUI ET ELLE
On his thoughts about the designer’s collections

Unlike many other collections, specifically suits, his are very creative, and very bold. He uses more than your average colours and patterns – I find Mario very creative! And you can tell that it is very Italian, which is what he is going for. It constitutes of all sorts of items you can think of in terms of formal and business-casual wear. His collection gives you courage to try on as many outfits as you please, to kind of make the look yours, right, not just a normal suit that doesn’t make you stand out or anything. You can really try different colours and textures, without necessarily worrying about what goes with what because there is always someone available to give you guidance, and suggest new ideas that you didn’t even think of in the first place.

Reveal Ottawa | POUR LUI ET ELLE

We can’t forget that a suit is like a silhouette – it’s supposed to fit you perfectly. That’s the whole beauty of wearing the suit, and Mario can make this beauty stand out even more by putting your personality into the look, and your taste.

You can find Fawad on Instagram: @fawad.he & Facebook: Fawad Hedjran. Don’t forget to explore Ottawa with us by following #PLExReveal & #RevealOttawa 😉

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