La Société Toronto

Located at the Bloor and Avenue/Queenspark intersection in the Yorkville area of the city of Toronto, La Société is another restaurant for the books. Opened in the summer summer of 2011 and fully operational under the reins of INK Entertainment, it is a French Bistro that features an eccentric menu, considering.

Given its Parisian inspiration/vibe, one might find it somewhat confusing or simply wonder why a French menu features the Classic Eggs Benedict for example, but that’s only because it offers a fusion menu – which we are completely sold on – specially crafted by Ben Heaton, who is also the restaurant’s executive chef and has full control of its kitchen.

For obvious reasons, it was slightly crowded on the Saturday we went for brunch but it was worth it, regardless. Before we get into the food, can we take a minute to talk about the artistic appeal of this well utilized space? To begin with, La Société (French for ‘the society’) is housed by a sophisticated apartment complex, on its second floor, alongside retailers like Cartier, Dior, Prada, Mulberry etc. whose purpose is to whet your fashion appetite.

La Société Toronto

Walking into its front doors, you are welcomed by their logo etched into the tiled floors.

What is more, there is a vibrant, vintage bicycle (pictured above) situated in the middle of the over 7,000 square feet space that serves as a decor along with a huge stained-glass ceiling, hand painted windows, and burgundy coloured seating area to add to its Parisian theme. This simply stole the show, honestly.

On the brunch menu were varieties that included pastries, salads, benedicts, croque monsieur, croque madame, quiche, omelettes, pancakes, steak frites and hamburgers. The smoked salmon benedict and croque madame did not make for bad brunch choices. They were satisfying but not entirely filling. They weren’t bad choices nonetheless.

La Société Toronto

La Société Toronto
Smoked Salmon Benedict & Sausages

La Société Toronto

Finally, at $1/piece on Thursdays, between 4 and 8pm EST, you can slurp on oysters as much as you want! Yup, you read that right. Isn’t that fantastic?! I mean, why would we not?!

Overall, La Société is one that’s worth adding to your list, and you can find more information on their website and Instagram page.

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  1. Fave restaurant been going there for years now! Brunch or dinner it’s just the best ??

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