Really, what’s Lagos without food? The whole metropolis seems to thrive on the function well with the knowledge that there’s good food everywhere around them to soothe the pains of a hard days work. Now it seems everywhere you look in Lagos, theres a new restaurant or eatery popping up, so I said to myself, “hey why not go round restaurant hopping?”.

I didn’t go to nearly as many restaurants as I’d hoped, but here’s a recap of some of the places I went to. Feel free check them out if you ever go back to the motherland.

Iyerun Okin (Renaissance Hotel)

First up was one of the two restaurants at the new Renaissance Hotel in G.R.A, Iyerun Okin. There’s absolutely nothing better than a well done all you-can-eat. It was very tastefully set up, there was a large variety of food and it actually tasted very good too. The food was so so good, I went there on three separate occasions (no fault of my own). The first time was for christmas lunch with my mum and sisters, second time was the whole family on new years (my mum wanted to go back), and my friends and I then went back there for dinner despite my very many objections.

At N11,000 per head, you get great value for your money.

Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

This one is more for the bougie readers here. I was amazed by the decor and the whole aesthetics of the Craft Gourmet. The space is absolutely beautiful, and I’m happy I tagged along with my girlfriend end and her friends.

The waiter was an absolute delight. Very knowledgeable, and tolerated our spoilt asses and numerous demands…even posing for a picture of the back of his shirt.

The food (mine anyways) was amazing. Some people had a few complaints, but overall it was amazing. The drinks are also worthy of note.  I had an alcoholic Chapman, which was quite nice actually.

Depending on what you order, you could damage your wallet a bit, but it’s well worth it. Would definitely go back time and time again.

Shiro Lagos

This one, I stumbled on by happenstance. My sisters and I were waiting for traffic to die down after Eat.Drink.Lagos, and they were like “oh let’s go to Shiro”. I wont even lie, just from the doors alone, I was already impressed. Upon entry, I was even more impressed.

The ambience, decor, music, everything was perfect. And they also have cabana’s by the beach too if you are in the mood to get cozy.

After my friends came however, I duly ditched my sisters. We ordered a two platters of sushi and 2 platters of wings (no pictures sorry), and as skeptical as I was about trying sushi again in Lagos, I totally enjoyed it. The chef knew his business!

The damage to ones pocket is deep though, but if you can stomach the prices, its totally worth it.

Spice Route

This one’s been around for a minute but I hadn’t had the chance to check it out. I was invited there for a friends birthday dinner, and I really had a good time.

For an Asian Fusion Restaurant, the vibe was right, the menu was simple and straight to the point, and I  really enjoyed the decor.

The best parts for me were the prices and portions. It’s significantly less pricey than other restaurants in it’s range and the portions are way more than any I’ve visited so far. The one downside however, their drinks. I admit they are better than most, but then again the bar isn’t the high. 

And perhaps I might be at fault for ordering a drink that had peppers in it. Yes, Pepper!

And the waiter was rude, but all in all, it made for a good experience. 

Farm City

My friends had been raving about this place that had the best fish in Lagos, and I thought to myself “yeah everyone says that”. I was in for the surprise of my life. The fish was actually amazing. So much so, that my girlfriend who lives in Abuja, wants to go to Lagos just for the fish.

Their menu is pretty broad as well; from Shrimp Fried Rice, to Pasta. My friend swears their Pasta is to die for, I hope he’s right. You guys can check it out and get back to me on that. But definitely try their Fish.

The Backyard

This is the only disappointment on my list. I was eager to go there because I there was so much hype surrounding it, but upon getting there I was largely disappointed.

The initial service of the hostess was horrible. The whole vibe of the place was “meh” at best. The selling point is the fact that you can eat in a backyard, I get that. But if it rains, they are just like every other restaurant in Lagos with a very limited menu and worse decor.

And the food was absolutely nothing to write home about. The only bright spot was the waiter; who was so brutally honest about the menu and portions, I now wonder why I even ordered anything at all.

  I ordered a Fish for N6,800, and for that price I was expecting a whole fish. I got THREE! slices of fish and a lumpy, side of mashed potatoes that tasted like it had milk in it.

For the prices, you do not get value for your money at all. And they even had the audacity to add “service charges”.

I was obviously too angry to take pictures of the food, my apologies.


My friends dragged me out to Burg.Co against my wishes, but I’m glad I went. Very chic and “alte” (as Lagosians say), it is a really dope hang out/burger spot.

I really enjoyed the ambience of the whole place. It’s just…fun. They even have a ping pong table (you know i kicked some ass at ping pong).

And they had Dom Perignon bottles for Shisha Hookahs. Didn’t understand it, but hey it makes for great art if nothing else.

We went during their soft opening so the menu was limited, but what they had was still pretty good. I forget the name of the burger I ha, but it was, as the french say… C’est Magnifique. The thing even had macaroni in it. I hate macaroni on a good day, but this was actually pretty good.

I got very positive vibes from this one, and I hope their full menu reflects this potential.

White House

For those who know me, they know theres no way in heaven or hell, that I would go to Lagos and not visit White House. It’s impossible!

If you don’t know, white house is a buka. If you’re still confused, a buka is a local restaurant. They are usually looked down upon, but they have the absolute best food. Legendary food (depending on the buka).

White house is one of those legendary places. Great food, great prices, super friendly staff, and a not so clean environment, with way too many people than the place can hold. But what’s not to love?

I have to say, it’s amazing how many places have sprung up in Lagos, and each unique from the other (for the most part, that is). It’s good to see an increase in creativity in the dinning landscape of Nigeria.

Until next time.

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