Hi guys! A very happy New Year from Lorietta and myself. It was quite a turbulent Christmas period for us blog wise, but we are happy to be back.

We have a whole lot planned out for the year and we cant wait to share it with you guys and carry you along on the  journey.

Like the title says, I spent my holidays in Lagos and after being in a limbo for a few months, it was finally decided that I’d be going back home for Christmas. To be quite honest, this time I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as the other times; and I wasn’t quite sure why.

It could have been all the drama about S.A.R.S., the thought of escalated traffic because of the fuel scarcity, or anticipating questions from my family that I couldn’t answer, or maybe the ridiculously long journey back home (took me 36hours).

I decided to go home as a tourist this time. With so many things going on now, it’s hard to keep up. From restaurants, to museums & art galleries, plays, tours. Far be it from Lagos to be dull at any time of the year, let alone during the festive season. I actually didn’t realize how much I had missed home until I landed and even the aesthetics of our almost-rundown airport brought joy to my heart.

I made sure to spend a lot of quality time with the family, which is always fun. Picking my parents’ brains and spooking them out with my youthful tales.

I was able to attend two weddings (because that’s all Saturday’s are for in Nigeria), one of which was one of my best friends sister’s wedding. And after decking up and looking fly in my Agbada, I stupidly locked my keys in my car.

But all round it was lit and I had a lot of fun. As always, my madam was my date and she looked absolutely stunning.

Right after the wedding, we headed for the Palmwine Music Fest by Show Dem Camp. This was the only concert I was actually interested in this holiday, and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

My goal was to meet both Tec and Ghost (the members of SDC), and it was achieved, thanks largely to my sisters friend, Funmbi (whose boyfriend Sir Dauda, performed as well and is friends with SDC). So Funmbi, thank you.

I also had the pleasure of meeting, and actually having a full on 20 minute conversation with Bez Idakula (my agbaya sisters turned to little kids when they saw him), all my girlfriend wanted to know was why he didn’t bring his wife along (I was confused as well). As if I wasn’t having a good enough night, I ran into Poe (who in my opinion, along with SDC, is one of the best rappers in Nigeria). He was pretty cool and we talked about some past SDC records he had been on.


Night still going well, and then I see Osagz of the Loose Talk Podcast. I’m normally a shy and reserved person, but that night I lost all my inhibitors and was approaching anyone thought was noteworthy. Osagz was really cool, he even made a video for my girlfriends friend who is in love with him. When M.I. came n to perform, I found myself trading lyrics with Osagz and in my mind i’m like “you better not chew your mouth”.

Other than having the ultimate fan experience, the performances were incredible. There is absolutely nothing better than live music and live performances. It seriously irks me when artists come on stage and sing/-rap over prerecorded tracks. Like fam, I could have stayed home and performed this myself. Probably even better than you!

But the line up was dope; from the new breeds like Odunsi, Ajebutter, Lady Donli, Sir Dauda, to OG’s like Ikon, M.I., Blackmagic, and even Lynxxx Utunu. It was really a good time. I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a long time, drank some fresh palm wine, bought some merch, it was honestly the highlight of my trip.

There was also the annual Go Karting race my friends and I usually do. As usual, there’s always money on the table; winner takes all. And as the defending champion (like seriously never been defeated), mans was hype and confident. To my credit, I did start very well, until like 6 laps in and I crashed. While still trying to find my bearings, some smart guy thought it a good idea to hit me…again (you know yourself). 

There’s still a debate over who actually won the race, I finished third or fourth though so not a bad race all in all.

I also went for the Eat.Drink.Lagos Festival  in Lekki. I’m sure it was fun before I got there, because I was stupid late. By the time I got there, it was crowded beyond belief. They even started threatening to taze people at the gate. A lot of good food vendors though, and I had some of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had from Vanilla Bakehouse.

And in my bid to hang out with as many people as possible, I ate out quite a lot. i did about 8 restaurants, and thats just because I didn’t even have enough time.

So yeah, I didn’t really do much in Lagos, but I really had a good time. Time constraint really was a bastard, but we try again next time.

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