‘There’s more than meets the eye’

This saying is an accurate summary of this work of art, and doesn’t hold less true for the creative mind, Oladimeji Odunsi, behind “Let’s Create: The Unseen.” The ability to convey a message through various creative mediums, in its entirety, is nothing short of talent; one such that we at Pour Lui et Elle appreciate and strive to promote.

Let's Create: The Unseen | POUR LUI ET ELLE

Oladimeji is a freelance photographer and avant-garde creative visual that has had a number of projects up his sleeves, with the most recent being “Let’s Create: The Unseen.” The eccentric and unorthodox nature of the project provokes fairly deep thoughts. Normally, images that centre around a particular subject often display/accentuate their features, their faces more commonly, but this collection differs in that regard by more than a mile.

An unconventional route, covering this otherwise prominent feature, was chosen, thereby causing our attention to shift to other aspects of the images. This fascinating concept is the crux of the matter; hence the name ‘The Unseen.’ When asked the logic behind the concept, Dimeji responded by laying emphasis on there being more to a picture than the face of the subject(s). So, by covering their faces, he invites us to recognize other elements that contribute to the beauty of an image. Elements like the mood, poses struck, emotions expressed by the subjects, and something considered trivial, location. All these aspects, and many more, come together in unison to compose a picture, thus its beauty.

Let's Create: The Unseen | POUR LUI ET ELLE

Looking through this collection of simple, yet profoundly moving pictures, one gets a real perspective of the vast amount of differences and similarities humans express all over the planet. There is a sense of importance to each picture, and each picture stands on its own, with its own place and feeling.

To view more by this creative, visit his Instagram page: @olagimeg and website oladimeg.com

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