Fall 2017 is a season of contrasts. With bright young designers on the come up, and with luxury giants producing polished lessons in style with new creative directors at the helm, it has resulted in a mash-up of couture hikers and the return of nineties streetwear.

This fall is going to be a mixture padding, protective lines and cosy knits, perhaps as a shelter from the doom and gloom of a world in crisis. But it seems like trends are  heading for more comfort, but with its sense of fun, its color and glamour. This season it’s all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn.


Fall Fashion: Wider Leg Trousers

Originally made popular by skater boys, looser tailoring has been making a comeback for a while now, so while you might not want to stock up on them just yet, a pair (or two) wider cut pants may come in handy. The secret to pulling them off is to go for a more slouchy, unstructured look.


Fall Fashion: Suiting With an Edge

Despite what naysayers have been whispering in some corners, the suit is not going anywhere anytime soon. Its changing, but with a slightly sinister edge. Workwear maybe, but in 2017 it’s been more normcore, with more adventurous cuts, colours, and patterns.
An undercurrent to this season’s shows, the classic suit is definitely expanding its horizons.


Fall Fashion: Statement Pieces

There has always been statement clothing, but thanks to the chaotic times, (or maybe just the popularity of Vetements), but this fall you’re going to see a lot of statements on clothing.
When fashion has an opinion, it has never been afraid to show it. With numerous clothing now featuring slogans and puns poking fun at the current state of affairs, it’s an out of the ordinary protest that gives each piece an important dimension.

From tees to sweaters to hoodies to jackets, bigger is now better. Oversized fits have been lingering around trying to make a comeback, and come fall, they will be everywhere. Making it work is simple, mix an oversized piece with something more fitted. An sweatshirt for instance, with a slim (but not skinny) pair of jeans or
tailored trousers.


Fall Fashion: 80s and 90s Nostalgia
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Whether it’s grunge, classic hip-hop, street style or New Wave, the ’80s and ’90s have had an enormous influence on fashion of late. Maybe it’s just because we all long for simpler times, but for whatever the reason prepare to see even more ’80s and ’90s nostalgia this fall.


Fall Fashion: Camel

Camel has always been limited to outerwear in the past, but this season the will definitely see it worn wear from head to toe, mixing the shades and patterns to achieve maximum impact. And if you find that to be a a little bold, you can break it up with a well placed inclusion of cream or navy.


Fall Fashion: Turtleneck
A personal favourite, turtleneck sweaters made a big comeback the last couple of seasons, and this fall sees no end to the trend. Expect to see a lot more variations of the “rollnecks” (the British way of saying it) this season.
If you need a bit of help figuring out what to go for, I would suggest you invest in two main styles: a camel or navy thin turtle neck to slip under your suits and other outerwear, and a thicker, chunky knit to slip on at the weekend with a pair of khakis.


Fall Fashion: Quilted Jacket

No longer just for off-duty bankers and British country aristocrats, comfort-wear has become a style obsession for this season. Quilted bombers, quilted motor jackets, even quilted blazers will become a go-to for the chillier days ahead.

Fall Fashion: Quilted Jacket

If you only buy one piece for this season, make it a quilted jacket.


Fall Fashion: Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Of all the collaborations in previous years, this one in particular seems to resonate most with popular culture. After soothing over a few disagreements, the two brands finally made up, and the results have proven that business and creativity have no limits when it comes to fashion. The collaboration birthed a series of accessories stamped with the Supreme x Louis Vuitton logo, of which the most famous are the ross-shoulder and fanny-pack bags.

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