Being an Adult | POUR LUI ET ELLETransitioning into adulthood, especially in this millennial age, is what is considerably the most difficult task for us to grapple. From making life-changing decisions like relocating, starting a career, to handpicking the people we surround ourselves with… it just never ends. It’s almost analogous to going to war without the right ammunition and armour.

I remember being an innocent, naïve little child just like it was yesterday. Living life as though there will always be nothing to worry about. Being in the embrace of my mother and grandmother, and basking in the joy that came with having such a tender and young mind. No responsibilities, nothing. That was the life. Life, then, was so good. Life, now, is still good, but just in a different fashion. To put it quite simply, it is REAL now. Listen, if anyone ever tells you that being an adult, especially the dreadful transition phase (if it truly exists), is easy, please do not hesitate to put your shoes to their faces and leave an imprint. It is the only time you can absolutely do that guilt-free because it is far from it. In fact, it is a direct juxtaposition of reality. Only if I was forewarned, but even at that, can you ever be fully prepared?

Having decided to leave my siblings behind and move to a different city alone, I was definitely up for some fun with life. The depth, I certainly did not know. And through it all, I might have played myself by minutely underestimating the process; but you have to love it nonetheless, they say. It felt like too many things to juggle at once, and time was of the essence. I had to find a place, which in itself is a full time job especially for someone as fastidious as myself, start anew and settle down overall.

Being the type that doesn’t know how to handle these types of stressful situations all too well, I never let myself get stressed to begin with. But in this situation, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t win this battle with that tactic. When I needed it the most, I couldn’t find balance and certain things paid the price for it. I felt defeated, and this, in its entirety, is the reason behind my spurts of disappearance.

Thankfully, I’ve moved now and I can move on. Yes, I can finally kick my feet up, have a breath of fresh air and keep up with life. I can channel my energy and execute the plans I’ve had, because when Akin and I launched this website, we had entirely different plans. Weirdly enough, we’ve been in similar situations, in terms of the process.

All this is not to say life as an adult isn’t good, it is. However, I will tell you this: Do not let anyone downplay the process involved, and responsibilities that ensue, to you. YOU should not downplay it to you. It may seem like the easy way out in the moment, but trust me, it will not be worth it on the long run. However difficult it may be, stay strong and remain positive. A lifeline will always be thrown at you.

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