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There is a lot of hidden talent in the fashion industry, and this, in itself, is no news to anyone – not even a layman. But, once in a while, the opportunity to discover some of this talent presents itself. With the recently (or not so anymore) completed Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM), and re-launched Women’s Fashion Week (TW-FW), we were opportune to have some of these incredibly talented people give us a glimpse into their creative minds. Not only were we in awe at the meticulousness and creativity involved, we are also confident that it will enthrall your inner sartorialist, and decided to make a series showcasing these talents and many more like them.

On Day 1, we discovered Curtis Oland, Hip and Bone, and Kollar. Now, before your minds wander, and possibly become convoluted, here’s all there is to know about these brands:

Owned by a recent university graduate, Curtis Oland is one that draws inspiration from indigenous people and their way of life, and strives to bridge the cultural gap between them and non-indigenous people. Its utilization of natural fabrics, colourful earth tones and unconventional details not only accurately portrays connection to its First Nation heritage, but also sets it apart and adds to its appeal. Reminiscing and taking a trip down memory lane, the brand produced the Oyama Lake collection, which was showcased at TOM and consequently led to its discovery by us. The collection, pictured below, features loose fit clothing that offer versatility, and the fluidity you’d expect from your clothing items, depending on how they’re styled.

If the clothing items do not appeal to you, the brand also has art-centric sculptures to entice your inner Donatello or Michelangelo.
Curtis Oland Sculpture Mollusca
Curtis Oland Sculpture Black Gasm
Curtis Oland Sculpture Incubus

Featuring great aesthetics, modern visuals and a name that came about in a bid to redefine the word “hip” into elegance – one that is visceral and resonates deep in the bone, Hip and Bone “revives the man’s wardrobe with an array of [redesigned] basics.” From basic t-shirts to pants, outerwear and everyday essentials, the brand has it all and makes use of cotton, linen, exotic skins and tech fabrics to deliver the quality it prides itself on. While it is predominantly a menswear brand, the clothing items also look good on the female body. Simply put, it is one that will “always evolve elevated contemporary sportswear while retaining a classic iconic style.”

Having started with a t-shirt line and eventually a men’s cut and sew collection, David Kollar founded the brand after spending years styling friends and establishing himself as an aficionado of aesthetics. Quite the appeal, especially to lovers of streetwear/style, the brand offers quality alongside exclusivity. With pieces like distressed denim, basics with interesting cuts and bomber jackets sitting right next to each other, the brand is definitely one to discover.

These are just a fraction of the ones we saw, so be sure to check back for more. 

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