With nostalgia holding a firm grip on this generation of popular culture enthusiasts, we have seen the rebirth, and revival, of brands and styles once popular in past decades.  With sports luxe being at the forefront of said revival, it really is no surprise that some classic activewear brands are receiving a renaissance. From Champion to Ellesse, this generation can’t seem to get enough of these brands that were popping around the same time they were born. So, here a few comeback brands worth peering into. 


First thing that comes to my mind when I hear Umbro is Paul Gascoigne celebrating his goal against Scotland at Euro ’96!
Fashion Nostalgia: Umbro (Paul Gascoigne)
Paul Gascoigne celebrates England's second goal against Scotland in Euro 96.
But, I digress. After being acquired by Nike back in 2007, it has gone through something of a rebirth. Since collaborating with Palace back in 2012, Umbro has slowly gained back its popularity and have gone back to their roots. They have focused on vintage appeal, and producing classic pieces like their boxy sweatshirts and jacquard-patterned football shirts.

Fashion Nostalgia: Umbro

I believe it's safe to say the FILA is not only the cornerstone, but the spiritual home of modern-day athletic fashion. And for a few seasons now they've managed to grab back our attention with all the nostalgic hype surrounding them.  FILA’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection saw the brands revival as it featured a lot of old classics (such as the T1 Mid) being reissued.

Fashion Nostalgia: FILABut it was the collaboration with up and coming 90’s sportswear revolutionary, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and his desire for recreating the best bits of throwback brands into the high-fashion world, that gave FILA back the cool factor they were once known for. From polo shirts to track suits and sneakers, FILA is bringing back the 80’s in all of its glory.

Fashion Nostalgia: FILA

The comeback kings for us, Champion enjoyed unparalleled success in the 90’s as a sports-meets-streetwear brand. Like everyone else on this list, they took a major dip but in the last couple of years they have stormed back into our hearts and the fashion radar. Collaborations with fashion houses like Supreme, Todd Snyder and Wood Wood have enabled Champion revamp their throwback pieces and remain relevant.

Fashion Nostalgia: Champion

Another brand that went into complete oblivion, Ellesse has been able to capitalize on the world's renewed interest in their classic pieces. Staying true to their original designs with the bold slogan sweatshirts, Ellesse is returning to satisfy the appetite of vintage lovers everywhere by reissuing their classic pieces with contemporary spins, which gives an updated look.

Fashion Nostalgia: Ellesse

Reebok’s is a true case of “don’t call it a comeback, I've been here for years”. Not that they disappeared from everyones radar, they weren't just as popular. By endorsing certain celebrities, they've been able to gather and maintain some momentum, and popularity, over the past couple of years. Their signature styles (the Classic and Pump) have gained a lot of popularity lately and are slowly becoming a street wear staple.
Fashion Nostalgia: Reebok
Gosha Rubchinskiy x Reebok Classic’s Phase One

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