Now I know we’ve all come across so many books that claim to be the ultimate guide for a man, but I can honestly say none that I have come across holds a candle to Paul O’Donnell’s book. In this ultimate man’s guide, “Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy”, Paul O’Donnell reveals some sound tips in this book; some things that I wasn’t even aware I wanted to know. The book makes for a great time filler, with easily read small snippets of information.

This book applies to all the guys out there; those who may be afraid to ask a questions for fear of unworldly, and those who may think they have it all figured out. Here’s a book to  answer (if not all, but most)  life’s conundrums. It is a selection of things that any man should know something about, it really is solid stuff. Herein you will find financial advice, tips on how to make/fix certain things and how to deal with a handful of interpersonal situations. From career to relationships, grooming to gaming, how to end friendships when it’s no longer  working out, what to cook when expecting a date, what to do if a friend comes out as gay, tipping, how to deal with speeding tickets even how to buy a car without getting duped. Chances are you will find something worthwhile in here


In Man Up!, Paul O’Donnell (with the help of some knowledgable experts) deal with majority of these day-to-day issues and impart their advice in short and concise answers. The organization makes it an easy read as Man Up! is filled with very essential advice and is delivered in such a way that is not only entertaining, but also helpful and clever. As I mentioned earlier, the tips  provided in this book covers EVERYTHING on everyday skills and questionable behaviours—from how to mixi a killer punch at a party, to how to avoid a fist fight and how to actually throw a punch  at someone (which i particularly enjoyed).

Paul O’Donnell keeps the reader engaged by giving so much information in quick little bites, coupled with drawings that help  illustrate the advice, providing more than just funny quips.

This book is not for teenagers only, but for every young man out there embarking on his independent adult life and for anyone wanting to generally brush up on his skills. Man Up! is that friend that has all the cheat codes for every single game.

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