I haven’t expressed this before, but I am an avid lover of facial masks – from the cream to clay to sheet, you name it. I am always on the look out for new ones to try and I recently came across the ones by the ‘Flawless by Friday’ brand.

Flawless by Friday, a Canadian-based skincare company that combines state-of-the-art products with proven natural ingredients and Asian-inspired gel technology maximizes results while minimizing time. The company specializes in hydrogel masks for the face and eyes that target particular concerns, but also have serums and lip products. Amongst their long list of products is the ‘Flawless in 15’ system.

As the name suggests, the system is one that effectively delivers results in 15 minutes with the help of two key ingredients – gold and honey. Gold, as we know from jewelry and assets, is also used in skincare. It helps to decrease the signs of aging and provide the skin cells with the boost they need to repair themselves. Honey, on the other hand, is one that has soothing properties and primarily boosts radiance. Together, as in this system, they help decrease puffiness, redness and boost radiance.

The ‘Flawless in 15’ line features a 2-piece hydrogel mask system, under eye mask as well as a lip serum, and here’s what I found:

Face Mask: ‘Flawless in 15’ Facial Mask System

flawless by friday face masque

On opening the package, one will notice that it is more or less saturated with product. For me, this is a good thing. Reason being that I’ll be rest assured that there will be enough product to cover the entirety of my face. Due to the hydrogel, getting the mask on requires some patience and steady hands. It’s pampering time after all, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Once they are on, an instant cooling, which sets you to relax, is felt because of the honey. Then, a very pleasant smell of honey nourishes your olfactory nerves. The smell fades out in the first couple of minutes so it is not overpowering.

flawless by friday face mask

Now, for my favorite part. While waiting for the suggested 15 minutes to elapse, I was able to get work done without a problem. The mask stays on pretty well so it would not hinder most activities.

flawless by friday face masque

On removing the mask, my skin was left smooth and very radiant. It literally felt like a baby’s bum and I was extremely happy about it.

flawless by friday face mask

flawless by friday masque

Eye Mask: ‘Flawless in 15’ Under Eye Rescue

flawless by friday eye masque

Very similar to the facial mask, I find this to be the easy part of the routine. It’s extremely easy to apply and one can literally have it on all day without even realizing. It stays on even better than the face mask, which is a plus. After what I’m hoping was no more than 15 minutes elapsed, my eye area was definitely brighter. I looked, and felt, more awake.

flawless by friday eye mask

flawless by friday eye mask

The face and eye masks, I find, can be used independently of one another. So, if you don’t have as much time, you can definitely use one or the other.

‘Flawless in 15’ Lip Serum

flawless by friday lip serum

The lip serum features flecks of gold, which one would think would be apparent on the lips. But, they aren’t. Instead, the serum goes on like your clear lipgloss. With the help of the gold flecks, the serum serves to plump up the lips while also soothing and moisturizing them because of the honey. It glides on easily and has a rich consistency. It can be applied as often as needed, and makes for a good pre-lipstick treatment especially because of its benefits.

So, if you’re considering trying the products, take the plunge. It’s the perfect time to try them, and you can visit their website to discover the other products they have to offer. Perhaps, you’ll find more things to try.

Peace and Love.

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