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Some Womenswear Brands to Discover

The last post in this series saw menswear brands that we’ve discovered and believe are worth your while; this post marks the introduction of brands specializing in womenswear.   1 A Toronto-based womenswear label, headed by European-born Stephan Caras and son, Kyriako Caras, that communicates nothing but elegance and the softness of femininity. With its…

The RompHim: The New Wave?

The Internet has been running wild the past couple of days over a Kickstarter project fashioning rompers for men. The “RompHim”, created by four business school students from Northwestern University (ACED Designs) claim they have found the ultimate secret to comfort dressing for men. And it seems a lot of people believe them as the…

Sustainable Fashion: Filippa K

Sustainable Fashion: The Right Direction

Filippa KThe concept of circular, eco or sustainable fashion is one that isn’t new to us or the fashion industry at large. Much as sustainability has been predominant in the various aspects of life for a long time now, it’s beginning to gain more momentum in the fashion industry and hitting its walls fervently. – Sustainability,…

Pour Lui et Elle | Undercover Menswear Brands

Some Undercover (Or Not So) Menswear Brands to Discover

There is a lot of hidden talent in the fashion industry, and this, in itself, is no news to anyone – not even a layman. But, once in a while, the opportunity to discover some of this talent presents itself. With the recently (or not so anymore) completed Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM), and re-launched…