Elihu Ashong | POUR LUI ET ELLE

Elihu Ashong: A Modern, Non-Conformist Photographer

Hi, I’m Elihu Ashong, and I consider myself a fighter against the powers that exist. The part of me that meets the eye is the free-spirited, non-conforming minimalist, but I am also considerably limitless. I’m a photographer, lover of all music, art in all forms, nature, farming and music… again! Let’s put it as I would rather be dead than live without music. Literally.


#RevealOttawa: Meet Abdul Muse

A creative himself, Abdul Muse (also known as Kar33mmusic) joins us today for Reveal Ottawa to share his personal style, where he draws inspiration and some of his general thoughts are about fashion. Brief introduction – tell us a little about yourself, who is Abdul? My name is Abdul Muse. I’m currently a student at…